Hidden Dangers of Property Damage in Springfield Missouri

The first thought after property damage may be how you can fix it. However, while you can always fix the property with hard work, what many people don’t think about are the hidden dangers. The hidden dangers that come with … Continued

Using a Dehumidifier – Disaster Restoration Springfield Missouri

Although it’s difficult to control how moist it is outside, it’s somewhat easy and inexpensive to control indoor humidity levels with a dehumidifier. In this quick and easy-to-read guide, homeowners will learn when and how to use a dehumidifier safely. … Continued

Dangers of Soot From Smoke Damage in Springfield Missouri

House fires vary greatly in size and severity. Some homeowners may believe that their homes and families will be safe if the fire has been contained quickly, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The reality is that the damage … Continued

Watch Out For These Common Causes Of Fire Damage in Springfield Missouri

No one wants to think about a house fire, but they’re a distinct possibility. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are approximately 400,000 house fires per year in the US, and the problem is simply too big to … Continued

Staying Safe When Bad Weather Strikes – Fire and Water Springfield MO

Warmer temperatures have arrived, and with these rising temps comes thunderstorms. These storms can cause property damage from fire and water in Springfield Missouri, and more importantly, can put your life in danger. Lightning often accompanies strong storms, and the … Continued

Spring Cleaning Prevents Damage From Smoke and Fire in Springfield Missouri

Spring Cleaning Prevents Damage From Smoke and Fire Clean homes are healthy and happy homes, and eliminating clutter can help the entire family feel more relaxed. And, of course, keeping germs, dirt, and bacteria at bay gives every family member … Continued

Space Heater Safety To Prevent Fire Restoration in Springfield Missouri

Space Heater Safety To Prevent Fire Restoration As it gets colder over the winter, more families try to stay warm with a portable heater. Unfortunately, space heaters can be dangerous. The National Fire Protection Agency says 79% of major fire … Continued

Tips for Preventing Christmas Tree Fire Clean Up in Springfield Missouri

Tips for Preventing Christmas Tree Fire Clean Up The holidays are a wonderful time for getting your family together. Many people love to decorate their homes, but never stop to think about how devastating a Christmas tree fire clean up … Continued

Top 5 Holiday Turkey Frying Tips To Avoid Fire and Smoke Springfield MO

Top 5 Holiday Turkey Frying Tips As we approach the holidays, it is important to know the dangers associated with frying your turkey. We all know how incredibly delicious it is to eat a turkey fried in peanut oil. However, … Continued