Spring Cleaning Prevents Damage From Smoke and Fire in Springfield Missouri

Spring Cleaning Prevents Damage From Smoke and Fire in Springfield Missouri

Spring Cleaning Prevents Damage From Smoke and Fire

Clean homes are healthy and happy homes, and eliminating clutter can help the entire family feel more relaxed. And, of course, keeping germs, dirt, and bacteria at bay gives every family member a chance to stay healthy.

Use the time spent during your annual spring cleaning to do a thorough inspection of areas of your home that might not get enough attention or have too much clutter to notice potential fire hazards that could lead to damage from smoke and fire in Springfield Missouri.

Decide What’s “Clean Enough”

Spring cleaning may feel intimidating if approached with an all-or-nothing philosophy. According to the 80/20 rule, 20% of your effort produces 80% of results, and housecleaning is no exception. Deciding that 80% is good enough can help families save effort and time. Focus on cleaning and tidying quickly, and it’s easy to learn when to perform which tasks.

Cut the Clutter

Some families have so much stuff that performing a purge is the only way to get to the places that really need cleaning. Take a few hours to go through each room in the home, pulling out things that aren’t used regularly. A good rule of thumb is to store, donate or sell anything that won’t be used within the next six months.

Getting rid of clutter allows you to see potential frayed wires or blocked vents that could become potential fire hazards. You also want to make sure you never have anything flammable stored near your water heater, fireplace or other potential areas that could spark and start a fire.

Get the Right Cleaning Supplies

It’s very difficult to clean without the right supplies and tools. Although some families have more cleaning supplies than others do, it’s easy to forget something. Get rid of old, outdated cleaning supplies, buy the most-needed items, and find storage areas near where each product will be used. If several rooms need cleaning at once, it may help to carry around a caddy filled with supplies, sponges, and scrubbers.

Print a To-Do List

It’s quite a satisfying feeling when tasks are checked off as they’re finished. With a spring cleaning checklist, it’s easy to keep things on track, avoid wasting energy, and spend time on only the most important tasks. Although there are preset checklists available, every home is different, and not all families have the same cleaning needs. Spring cleaning isn’t about other people’s standards. It’s about focusing on your own.

Make it a priority to not just clean your home, but take a little extra time to look for potential safety hazards as you inspect each room.

Add Milestones and Prizes to the List

Getting the house cleaned for spring is about motivation, and sometimes checking a box simply doesn’t provide enough satisfaction. Make a schedule for cleaning tasks, and choose a reward upon completion. For additional incentive, choose a big prize, such as a date night if all the cleaning is finished by a certain time.

Take a Walk-Through

Even the most comprehensive cleaning checklist may not address every problem area in the home. When everyone thinks that spring cleaning is done, walk through the home and focus on areas that still look dirty. Make another list, and keep it handy for the next cleaning session.

Once your home is clean it will be easier to spot potential fire hazards during your walk-through that need to be addressed.

Maintain Cleanliness

Once the home is truly clean, it will seem more relaxing because there won’t be any nagging chores to do. Keep things neat by making a weekly housecleaning schedule. Simply choose a task to do each day of the week. If it’s easier to do all the weekly cleaning on one day, consolidate the schedule into a list to be completed in a few hours.

Spring cleaning may seem time-consuming and tedious to some, but it doesn’t have to be a burdensome chore. By following these tips, any family can enjoy a healthier, happier, and cleaner home. A cleaner home is a safer home, but if an accident ever happens in spite of your best practices and you need fire restoration, the pros at PuroClean Certified Restoration will work quickly to restore your home as if it never happened.