Hidden Dangers of Property Damage in Springfield Missouri

Hidden Dangers of Property Damage in Springfield Missouri

The first thought after property damage may be how you can fix it. However, while you can always fix the property with hard work, what many people don’t think about are the hidden dangers. The hidden dangers that come with water and fire damage can pose serious health risks to anyone in the home. Learn more about why homeowners should not attempt to fix these issues alone.

Damage from Flooding

The first concern after flooding is removing any excess water from the home. However, there are other impacts from flooding damage. If a basement flooded, for instance, and the water ended up getting into the carpet, it could lead to toxic mold growth as well as poor air quality inside the home.

Mold can grow inside and outside. It can cause a variety of different health issues that often look like someone has the flu. This could include fever, chills, and a sore throat. If the mold is not removed quickly, over time it could spread and cause lung infections. Those inside the home should be especially careful if they have asthma, as mold can cause them to have trouble breathing.

After a flood, anything compromised should be professionally removed within 2 days. This includes the carpets where the flooding occurred. A professional ensures everything is removed carefully and correctly to protect the health of your family.

Damage from Fire

Even small fires can release toxins that can impact your health after the fire is put out. Dioxins can occur depending on the structure and contents that were on fire. These are a group of compounds that are linked to causing cancer and developmental issues. PVC piping, for instance, can release dioxins into the air.

Testing should be done after a fire to make sure the air quality is safe. If it is not safe, plan on staying somewhere else until air quality tests say that your home is safe to enter again.

Wear and Tear on the Home

Some wear and tear is going to occur inside your home at some point. Structural damage, especially in older homes, can be a concern. Homes build before 1890, for instance, are likely to contain asbestos. This is a carcinogenic mineral that was commonly used in insulation. Friable asbestos was the most common form and has the ability to become a powder. Disturbing the asbestos insulation in any way can cause the fibers to be released into the air, where they could enter your body. This can cause cancer, like pleural mesothelioma to occur. This is deadly cancer and leads to almost 3,000 deaths each year in the United States.

What You Can Do

If you experience fire, water, or other types of property damage in Springfield Missouri, call the professionals from PuroClean Certified Restoration for an estimate. This can help you avoid health problems resulting from the damage.