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Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

Your home’s Indoor Air Quality is important, and having a clean, properly functioning heating, ventilating and air conditioning system is vital to maintaining a clean healthy and comfortable living environment. Dust, dirt, dander, allergens, debris, etc get trapped inside your ducts, and as the air circulates, it is traveling over and through your duct system. In some cases this dust is redistributed through your home, in other cases it stays in the duct system attracting more dust. PuroClean professional duct cleaning uses powerful vacuum equipment for mildew removal to reach deep into your duct system and get your air duct system clean to help it run more efficiently.

Ducts are power-brushed and vacuumed in one step using Rotobrush technology. A powerful HEPA vacuum with rotating brush attachment is inserted into each vent opening to dislodge and suck up dirt/dust/debris. Unlike the Negative Air cleaning method, no access openings are made in your duct system.

Our Duct Cleaning Process

Step 1: Our PuroClean Certified Restoration technicians arrive to your home in a clearly marked vehicle and on time.

Step 2: Your trained technician conducts a walk through to do a visual inspection, reviews the finding with you, and creates a detailed estimate for the services requested.

Step 3: Our technicians prepare your home by placing protective clothes on floors as needed. Vent covers may be removed at this time.

Step 4: PuroClean brings powerful, state-of-the art equipment into your home and begins set up.

Step 5: A technician will clean the vent covers.

Step 6: The duct cleaning process commences. Using our Power-Brush & Vacuum method to clean your system that uses Rotobrush technology, we will begin brushing each vent opening with a rotating brush and HEPA vacuum system that captures the dust/debris in one step.

Step 7: If you choose the optional duct sanitizing service, this is done at this time. We spray an antimicrobial agent

Step 8: All newly cleaned vent covers are put back in place. into the ductwork to help kill bacteria and mold spores.

Step 9: After the cleaning, the technician will review the work with you and make sure you are satisfied.

Don’t Forget Your Dryer Vents

Lint is one of the most flammable things in your home. Professionally cleaning your dryer vents is critical because when they are dirty, the restricted airflow could result in fire, and may contribute to excess household humidity and dust. Clothes could last longer, as the life of many fabrics can be damaged by the high temperatures caused by dirty vents. A clean dryer vent will allow your dryer to operate more efficiently, ultimately using less energy and saving you money. We clean the entire clothes dryer vent system from the appliance to the outdoors.