Watch Out For These Common Causes Of Fire Damage in Springfield Missouri

Watch Out For These Common Causes Of Fire Damage in Springfield Missouri

No one wants to think about a house fire, but they’re a distinct possibility. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are approximately 400,000 house fires per year in the US, and the problem is simply too big to ignore. With lives and treasured possessions at risk from fire damage in Springfield Missouri, preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is a solid approach. In this guide, readers will learn some of the most prevalent causes of house fires, as well as some valuable prevention tips.

Kitchen Appliances

The most common house fire cause, making up 42% of all reports, is cooking. An open flame from a stove or the intense heat from the oven may easily cause a fire when left unattended. In some cases, cooking utensils or food may cause a fire that quickly grows out of control. While avoiding cooking may be extreme, paying a bit of extra attention is a simple way to reduce the risk.

Christmas Trees

Every December, families across the country bring trees indoors to celebrate the holidays. While they’re certainly festive, Christmas trees may quickly become a fire hazard. A dry tree, when combined with strings of heated lights, will easily catch fire. Before putting the tree in its stand, cut a slice from the bottom of the trunk to remove dead wood and allow the tree to absorb water. Be sure to water the tree regularly and turn off the lights at bedtime.


Cigarettes cause numerous house fires and almost 1,000 fatalities each year. A lit cigarette dropped onto a soft surface will easily cause a large fire. Only smoking outdoors or quitting entirely will reduce the risk.


Almost 18,000 house fires each year are caused using candles. Most incidents occur due to carelessness while leaving lit candles unattended. This may quickly cause a fire. Flammable materials left near a candle may cause problems as well, but the risk can be reduced by trimming candle wicks to limit the flame size or by using battery-operated candles.

Heaters, Appliances, and Children’s Behavior

Other common house fire causes include overuse of heaters and appliances, and children misusing fire. An overworked or faulty appliance may cause sparks and fire and a heating system may quickly ignite nearby household items. Children’s curiosity may lead to a fire as well. Playing with lighters, matches, and candles causes thousands of house fires per year, but keeping such items out of children’s reach will greatly reduce the risk.

House Fire Prevention

While it’s impossible to eliminate every potential house fire cause, it’s important to keep the above precautions in mind. Trim Christmas trees carefully, avoid smoking indoors if possible, and teach children about the careful use of lighters and matches. Above all else, don’t leave stoves and ovens unattended. Although these tips are useful, not all fires can be prevented, and the results of such a fire may be life-altering. If a house fire leaves the home damaged and the family devastated, call PuroClean Certified Restoration for safe, eco-friendly, and efficient fire damage restoration services.