Top 5 Holiday Turkey Frying Tips To Avoid Fire and Smoke Springfield MO

Top 5 Holiday Turkey Frying Tips To Avoid Fire and Smoke Springfield MO

Top 5 Holiday Turkey Frying Tips

As we approach the holidays, it is important to know the dangers associated with frying your turkey. We all know how incredibly delicious it is to eat a turkey fried in peanut oil. However, not frying your turkey properly can cause a massive disaster and lead to fire and smoke damage in Springfield MO.

Here are the five main causes of a turkey frying catastrophe and how to avoid them.

Never Fry Your Turkey Indoors

Frying your turkey inside your garage is tempting, because it might be cold outside. But this is also very dangerous. If your delicious bird does accidentally cause a fire, and you’re doing it indoors, then you’re going to fry a lot more than just your turkey. Place the turkey fryer outside in an open space to avoid a fire to your structure.

Don’t Go Inside While Your Turkey Is Frying

We realize that a turkey is giant bird and so it takes a while to deep fry it. But you should never leave the fryer unattended while frying your turkey. Some units have thermostat controls, but there are too many things that could go wrong in a hurry if something does malfunction. Overheated oil can create a giant fire that spreads quickly.

Never Fill The Fryer To The Top With Oil

The oil only needs to cover ½ inch above the turkey. Carefully measure out the oil before hand to avoid spill over when the turkey is dropped inside the fryer. If the oil spills over, and touches the flame it will most certainly turn into a fireball.

Don’t Fry A Frozen Turkey

This is the most common mistake people make. More fires are caused by trying to fry a frozen turkey, than any other reason. Any ice or water within the turkey can cause a spillover reaction, uncontrolled fire, or even an explosion. A turkey weighing 4-12 lbs should take 1-3 days to be thawed in the refrigerator. Even once the bird is completely thawed, you’ll still want to pat it down to remove any additional moisture.

Never Throw Water On A Grease Fire

It’s your natural instinct to grab water whenever there’s a flareup, but you can’t do this with a grease fire. The water will instantly turn into oil infused vapor, and the water will splatter the grease and dramatically increase the size of the fire. Keep a fire extinguisher within reach and always be prepared.

Have fun this holiday season and enjoy that delicious fried turkey, but be smart and be safe and take these precautions to ensure your family get together doesn’t turn into a major catastrophe. However, if an unexpected fire ever does happen, you can always count on PuroClean Certified Restoration for professional smoke remediation or fire damage repair in Springfield Missouri.