Turkey Safety Tips - Fire Clean Springfield MO

Turkey Safety Tips – Fire Clean Springfield MO

Everyone looks forward to having turkey over the holidays.  So yummy but also DANGEROUS if you’re not careful. Please follow these safety tips below to avoid having a fire clean mess ruin your holiday meal.

In 2014 fire departments responded to approximately 170,000 home fires related to cooking equipment, with Thanksgiving being the peak day for fires. PuroClean Certified Restoration is here for you and your family and friends if you experience such a disaster, however we prefer you to follow a few tips to have a safe holiday.


  1. Set timers for all baked, fried, grilled, simmered, roasted food. It’s easy to become distracted with a home full of people.
  2. If possible have someone keep eyes on everything that is cooking in case something goes wrong.
  3. Keep a home fire extinguisher out in plain sight in the cooking area.
  4. In case of an oven fire turn off the power and leave the door closed.
  5. If a fire occurs GET EVERYONE OUT, they can spread faster than you can imagine.
  6. If you are cooking on a stove top, keep a large lid handy. If you get a grease fire cover the pan with the lid and turn off the power.
  7. Test all smoke detectors before the big event, remember they should be completely replaced every 10 years. It’s one of the cheapest investments you can make in your home.
  8. Deep Fried Turkey – arguably one of the best ways to cook turkey and also one of the most dangerous – here are some special tips for doing it safely!
    1. Never use a turkey fryer inside your home or garage.  They should be placed outside at least 10 feet from anything flammable, including trees.
    2. Make sure you THAW the turkey before frying.
    3. Purchase a fryer that has 4 legs and at least a 2 foot cord for the propane tank.
    4. Keep all pets and playing children away from the cooking area.
    5. Pick smaller birds to fry, pass on anything weighting over 12 pounds.
    6. When you finish place the pot in a safe place to cool overnight.

Remember, have a fun safe holiday and enjoy your family and friends!