Will Insurance Cover Roof Leak Water Damage Repair in Springfield Missouri

Will Insurance Cover Roof Leak Water Damage Repair in Springfield Missouri

One of the most common claims under homeowner’s insurance is a roof leak. Roofs often start leaking because of wind, hail, and related issues, but they can also be caused by poor roof maintenance. This leads many homeowners to wonder if their insurance will cover a leak.

Whether or not the insurance company will cover the water damage repair in Springfield Missouri is dependent on what caused the leak in the first place. It’s important to understand when insurance will cover the cost because of how expensive repairing a roof can be.

Sudden and Accidental Damage

Homeowner’s insurance policies will often cover leaks that are caused by sudden and accidental damage. Fire, wind, and hail damage are the ones commonly covered by the insurance company. For instance, if a thunderstorm had high winds that caused shingles to be lost or a tree to fall on the house, the insurance company will typically cover the repair of the roof.

Some insurance companies, however, do have windstorm and hail exclusions. If this is in the policy, any damage caused by wind or hail will not be covered. It’s important to read the policy or talk with the insurance agent to find out if this is applicable.

Lack of Maintenance or Wear and Tear

Most homeowner’s insurance policies are not going to cover damage that results from a lack of maintenance or through wear and tear. If maintenance issues caused the roof to leak or if it starts leaking because of the age of the roof, the insurance company is not going to pay for the repairs.

Since homeowner’s insurance will not cover these situations, it’s crucial to conduct regular roof inspections and maintenance. If you’re planning on buying a new home, learn more about the roof’s age and condition before purchasing the home.

Unattached Structures

Roofs of unattached structures may be covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy. However, the same rules will typically apply to these structures. The insurance will cover damage caused by a covered peril but will not cover the roof if it was poorly maintained or if it’s too old. Keep an eye on the roof for these structures just like the house and make sure they’re properly maintained to prevent leaks and other issues.

Costs If Insurance Does Cover the Repair

If the homeowner’s insurance does cover the roof damage, the homeowner may still be required to pay a deductible. There will also likely be a coverage limit that will be applicable. Contact the homeowner’s insurance agent holding the policy to learn more about what the deductible is as well as what the coverage limits might be. This can help with determining whether filing a claim is the best idea or if it may be better to cover the costs without filing a claim.

Be sure to maintain the roof properly and take fast action if a leak is discovered to prevent any further issues inside the home. If you do need help with water damage cleanup in Springfield Missouri contact the professionals from PuroClean Certified Restoration to get an estimate for the cost of repairs.