How Long Before Mold Grows in a Flooded Home? – Mold Removal Springfield MO

How Long Before Mold Grows in a Flooded Home? - Mold Removal Springfield MO

Flooding, leaks, and high humidity can not only cause issues with the integrity of your home and belongings, but it can also cause the growth of mold. Mold growth starts quickly after water damage, leading to a more difficult restoration process. Small amounts of moisture, if not handled properly and fast, can lead to a huge infestation of mold.

Mold spores, which are tiny airborne particles you cannot see, exist everywhere and can grow quickly to invisible mold after water damage occurs. When mold starts growing in your home, it can lead to health issues for anyone in the home. The exposure to mold can be very dangerous for those who have allergies or asthma.

Acting fast lets you avoid mold growth in your home. If you can eliminate the moisture in the home quickly, the mold won’t have a chance to grow. But how long do you have to remove the moisture after a flood to prevent mold?

How Long Does It Take for Mold to Grow?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that mold takes between 24 and 48 hours to start growing after a flood. This does depend on the types of materials, the moisture present, and the temperature inside the home. Inside, mold will generally grow faster on softer surfaces, when it’s darker, when it’s warmer than 70 degrees, and when the environment is humid.

The likelihood of mold spreading from one area to another also increases with time. The mold quickly fills the air and spreads through the home, leading to a bigger impact on your health and damage to more parts of your home.

Mold spores that begin to grow on surfaces within the initial 24 hours will be visible in around 18 to 21 days after the flooding happens. But, that only happens if there has been nothing done to dry the water or to restore surfaces impacted by the water.

Because of this, dealing with moisture and water-related issues immediately after flooding occurs is crucial. When cleanup and drying takes place as fast as possible, the potential for mold growth is minimized.

Do It Yourself or Contact a Pro for Mold Removal?

After flooding that cause a lot of water to get into your home, a water damage restoration company is the best idea for getting your home back to normal as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. These companies have the equipment needed to dry out your home as fast as possible.

It’s crucial to contact a restoration professional if the flood water was contaminated with sewage or other dangerous water. This water is hazardous and it’s far better for trained professionals to handle the cleanup to avoid serious medical issues.

Also, it’s likely that there is mold hiding in unseen areas if mold does grow after a flood. Call the experts for mold removal in Springfield Missouri. Restoration professionals can detect the hidden mold that’s still in your home but can’t be seen.

If you ever experience water damage in your home, especially if it occurs because of a flood, call the professionals at PuroClean Certified Restoration to get an estimate for property restoration in Springfield Missouri.