Stop Washing Machine Overflows - Water Removal in Springfield MO

Stop Washing Machine Overflows Before You Need Water Removal in Springfield MO

Stop Washing Machine Overflows Before You Need Water Removal in Springfield MO

High-efficiency washers are designed to use only 15 to 30 gallons of water per load. Older washers may use up to 45 gallons of water per load. Even if your washer is one of the newer, more efficient models, 15 gallons of water and soap pouring over your floor can quickly lead to significant amounts of damage.

Quickly clean up the water and dry the area if your washer overflows or leaks. If the water has penetrated the floor, walls or other rooms in your home, contacting a restoration company immediately for water removal is the best way to get help.

What to Do When You Notice the Water

If you notice your washer overflowing, quickly shut off the power supply at the fuse box so you don’t activate the drain cycle. Remove anything that is not secured to the room right away, such as rugs or furniture. Remove the flood water as much as possible and then dry the room with fans and a dehumidifier. If there is a significant amount of water, you might need to contact a flood restoration company for help. They can remove large amounts of water quickly to help minimize the damage and chance of mold growth.

Once the room is dry, you’ll want to remove the clothes from the washer and wring them out over a sink. At this point, you can check out the washer to see if it’s damaged or to find out why it was leaking or overflowing. Seek professional repairs if you cannot figure out why it failed or you cannot repair it on your own. Test the machine without clothing inside to make sure it works properly before you use it to wash your clothes again.

Learn How to Prevent Issues in the Future

Sometimes, washing machines overflow or leak simply because something has broken. It can be hard to prevent that but keeping an eye out for any issues can enable you to have them fixed before they cause flooding in the future. Make sure you’re using the right detergent for your washing machine to avoid too many suds or bubbles, and always make sure you’re only using the amount of detergent necessary to wash your clothes.

Make sure you replace your water supply hoses if they appear damaged or they’re older. Newer types are generally more durable and will help prevent leaks as an older hose might have started to deteriorate because of its age. You can also install an alarm near your washer to alert you if there is a leak or an automatic washing machine shutoff valve to prevent flooding.

Caring for your washing machine and using it properly can help you prevent many issues, but there’s always a chance it will leak or overflow at some point. If you ever experience a leaking or overflowing washer that releases significant amounts of water into your home or any other kind of water damage, call PuroClean Certified Restoration for an estimate on water removal in Springfield Missouri.