Actions to Take Following Storm Water Damage in Springfield Missouri

Actions to Take Following Storm Water Damage in Springfield Missouri

Actions to Take Following Storm Water Damage in Springfield Missouri

Immediate action must be taken following storm water damage to ensure no further property damage occurs. Taking swift action can help minimize the losses to your property. While the cleanup process can be difficult these tips can help your family recover more quickly from the disaster.

Contact Your Insurance Company Immediately

Do not delay in contacting your insurance company. Be sure to take photos of any damage and share these with your insurance agent. Be sure to keep all of your receipts for any money that is spent because of the damage. This may include items from the home improvement store to prevent further damage from occurring or a receipt for lodging if your structure is no longer safe for occupancy. Your insurance company will determine what items are covered under the policy and are therefore eligible for reimbursement.

Examine the Roof

Use a pair of binoculars to check the roof for any shingles that are missing or damaged. When the damage is small, a plastic trash bag may be sufficient to prevent further harm or it may require nothing more than caulking exposed nail heads. If the damage is extensive, make use of a tarp to protect the exposed areas until a professional roofing company can complete the necessary repairs.

Examine the Plumbing

Check all pipes both inside and outside of the structure. It may be necessary to cut off the water supply at the master valve to prevent any issues. In the event damage is caused by a sewer backup, do not use any plumbing within the home. Contact a plumber immediately for assistance in dealing with the matter.

Cut the Power to Appliances

Any appliance that may have had the power source exposed to water should be disconnected. Don’t use the appliances again until they have been serviced to ensure no problems arise from this damage. It may be best to cut the power at the main circuit breaker and have an electrician come in to find and correct all electrical issues, including those not easily visible.

Storm Water Damage Restoration

It’s best to leave the restoration of any storm water damage in Springfield Missouri to the professionals who have the training and experience to know which items can be salvaged and have the proper equipment to dry your home quickly.

If steps need to be taken immediately to ensure no further damage occurs and you wish to try to handle the task yourself, certain things must be remembered.

  • Protective gear must be worn always, including gloves, boots, a respirator, and eye protection.
  • Any foods, cosmetics, personal products, and medications exposed to the water must be discarded, even those in cans and items that remain sealed.
  • Dehumidifiers and air movers help to dry the area, although moisture may be hidden behind walls and under floors. This moisture needs to be looked for and addressed. Porous items, such as furnishings and carpets, must be disposed of.
  • Clean cabinets and floors with detergent and follow up with a disinfectant made from a mixture of one-part bleach to ten parts water.
  • Photograph or videotape all items that must be discarded because of this damage.

Automobile Damage

A vehicle may be damaged in a flood or storm. If it is, cover the broken windows and contact the insurer. Any items in the vehicle that have been damaged or destroyed should also be reported.

Learn how to prevent basement flooding and act promptly if a disaster occurs. The team at PuroClean Certified Restoration can help your family recover from storm water damage as quickly as possible.