What To Expect During Fire Damage Restoration in Springfield Missouri

What To Expect During Fire Damage Restoration in Springfield Missouri

After a structure fire, your property might suffer water, smoke, and fire damage. To restore your home or commercial building to its previous condition, our fire damage restoration company uses special techniques and tools in a detailed process. Learn more about the methods used by our specialists for fire damage restoration in Springfield Missouri.

Assessing the Severity of the Damage

First, PuroClean Certified Restoration technicians will inspect your property, assessing the severity of the soot, smoke, fire, and water damage. From there, our team will point out readily apparent problems and find hidden ones so you can accurately report the damage to your insurance company.

Securing the Building’s Foundation

During the fire and water damage restoration process, our top priority is to prevent additional damage. This involves shoring up weakened structures and plugging holes. If the floors, walls, or roof are singed, they’ll be carefully inspected and repair or replacement recommendations will be made. At PuroClean Certified Restoration, water and fire damage restoration are all part of the same process.

When the rainy season hits, your home or business may be at risk for additional water damage. A visual examination of the inside of the building isn’t enough to detect hidden leaks and the potential for mold growth, but our detailed evaluation will help. Our fire restoration experts will not only repair fire and water damage, but we’ll also install vapor and moisture barriers to prevent further problems from occurring.

Handling the Contents With Care

After the severity of the water and fire damage has been determined, our PuroClean Certified Restoration team will evaluate the building’s contents. From there, items may be discarded, restored, or recycled, depending on how they’ve been damaged. Restorable furniture and other items may be remediated on-site or off-site.

Protecting Your Property

After a building fire, windows, walls, and roofs may suffer severe damage. Fire and water damage will compromise your property’s security, but our contractors will assist with roof-trap and board-up services. With our help, you’ll minimize property damage and keep any potential vandals and looters out.

Water Removal and Dry-Out

Once we’ve secured your property, we’ll continue the restoration process by removing the water used to put out the fire. After we’ve done that, we’ll dry your building completely, minimizing the potential for additional water damage.

Removal of Soot and Smoke Residue

Once your property is completely dry, our PuroClean Certified Restoration professionals will remove smoke damage from floors, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Our contractors will remove chemical and biological pollutants with tools such as hydroxyl generators, foggers, and ozone generators.


At this point in the process, the remaining soot, smoke, and dust will be removed from surfaces and items. Then, we’ll completely sanitize your property.


During the final stage of the fire and water damage restoration effort, our team will do everything possible to return your property to its previous condition. If necessary, we’ll repaint the walls, replace carpet or drywall, and perform additional reconstructive tasks.

Choosing the best fire and water damage restoration company is an important decision. We’re here to help you learn more about our process and our company. For the highest-quality mold, water, and fire damage restoration services, contact PuroClean Certified Restoration as soon as the smoke clears.