Tips For Preventing Water Damage - Water Damage Repair Springfield MO

Tips For Preventing Water Damage – Water Damage Repair Springfield MO

Insurance claims for water damage repair can be a major burden, so here are some basic steps you can take to reduce your risk as a home or business owner.

Bathrooms and Kitchen Areas

Inspect all areas around water using fixtures for signs of leaks, rust or discoloration. Also check tile grout and caulking for cracks or mold. These all can indicate signs of a problem. Make sure to replace dishwasher and washing machine hoses every three years. Choose metal-mesh hoses over the less durable plastic hoses. Make inspecting the ice maker supply line every few months a habit.

Water Heaters

Water heaters should always be installed on the lowest level of your house and you should have them inspected by a professional every 5 years. They rust and crack which can cause a large amount of water to be released in a very short time. When a water heater reaches 10 years old consider purchasing a replacement by consulting with a trusted plumber.

Main Water Shutoff Valve

Everyone in your family should be familiar with the location and operation of the main water shutoff valve. If you ever have a large water leak, the first action you take is to stop the water. Also if you are going to leave your home unattended for a week or longer, you should take the precaution of shutting off your water with the valve. Water can cause a massive amount of damage in a very short time.

Water Alarm Systems

Most alarm companies can provide you with leak detection devices that can be strategically placed to maximize the detection of a leak. Consult with a trusted alarm professional for details.

If you still experience a water damage loss, please give us a call to keep your disaster from becoming a nightmare. PuroClean has the tools and experience to help you in your time of need.