The Risks of Attempting Sewer Backup Cleanup in Springfield MO

The Risks of Attempting Sewer Backup Cleanup in Springfield MO

Sewage flooding typically occurs in the basement or bathroom. When it happens, it needs to be cleaned up immediately. Although you can handle some minor flooding issues on your own, cleaning up sewage has several risks. It’s possible you can put your own health or your home at risk if you attempt DIY sewer backup cleanup in Springfield Missouri.

Risks to Your Health When Cleaning Sewage

The sewage that may get into your home can be grey water that comes from the sinks, tubs, showers or your dishwasher, or it could be black water. The sewage can enter your home because of clogs in your drain pipes, tree roots, sewer lines that are damaged, or other plumbing-related issues.

All sewage contains contaminants and can contain parasites, viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Personal protective equipment is required for cleaning sewage, as is following proper procedures. Failing to do this could lead to a risk of contracting diseases like encephalitis or hepatitis A.

If sewage does get into your home, mold growth is another risk. Mold can start to grow within 24 to 48 hours and only needs the right temperature, moisture, and organic material to start growing. Flooding offers everything it needs to grow. Exposure to the mold can lead to allergy or asthma symptoms, especially in those with compromised immune systems or children.

The biggest danger when cleaning sewage is actually the possibility of an explosion or electrocution. A flooded area should never be entered until the electric and gas are shut off by the utility companies. If you have gas appliances and smell gas inside your home, evacuate immediately and notify your gas company.

Electrical lines, fixtures, equipment, and electrical wires can all lead to electrocution during and after a flood. If the main power switch was not turned off before flooding occurred, it’s possible for you to be electrocuted if you touch anything electrical inside the home.

Professional Restoration Services for Sewage Flood Cleanup in Springfield Missouri

If you wait to deal with any standing water inside your home, the amount of damage done to your home increases significantly. It’s possible for your carpets, furniture, walls, and anything else in your house to be compromised if you don’t get the right help as fast as possible.

Cleaning up sewage flooding also has unique challenges because it can be incredibly dangerous. Professional technicians will wear the proper protective equipment, use the proper tools and follow safety procedures to handle the cleanup process.

Restoration professionals will pump out any contaminated water, remove debris from the home, determine and repair the origin of the flooding, and remove and replace damaged drywall or floors. They also use industrial equipment to help the home dry faster and sanitize the area that flooded with specialized cleaners. In some cases, they can help with your insurance claim as well.

DIY sewage backup cleanup in Springfield Missouri can be dangerous, so it’s important for you to call the professionals. If you ever experience sewage flooding in your home, contact the professionals at PuroClean Certified Restoration to get an estimate.