The Most Common Home and Business Disasters - Sewage Backup Cleanup Springfield MO

The Most Common Home and Business Disasters – Sewage Backup Cleanup Springfield MO

Home and business disasters can strike at any time with devastating consequences for those who are not prepared.  By knowing the most common disasters we can use some prevention techniques to help minimize the impact to our daily lives.

Sewage Disasters

  1. Check with your plumber to see if you have a backflow valve installed on your sanitary sewer line. If not, you should have this done, as it will prevent sewage from flowing backward into your home during floods or sewer blockages.
  2. If you have sewage enter your home or business, you should treat it as toxic waste. Don’t walk through it without protective gear. Call PuroClean Certified Restoration so that we can begin sewage backup cleanup immediately. Time is of the essence.

Washing Machine Disasters

One half of all the water damage events reported are caused by washing machine issues.

  1. Kill the Power – Go to the fuse box and throw the circuit breaker that leads to the washing machine.
  2. Do Not Press “Cancel” as it could activate the machine’s drain cycle and create a larger problem.
  3. Remove all carpet and furniture to begin the drying process. If it is a small amount, fans and dehumidifiers should take care of the problem.  If it is larger, please call PuroClean so we can accurately and quickly clean up the water.
  4. Taking all the clothes out and to a nearby sink can help with the drainage problem.
  5. Inspection Tip: Check your washer hoses to see it they are cracked or leaking.  Replace as necessary.

Pipe Splitting Disasters

Turn Off the Water – Go to your water shutoff valve and get it turned off. A water leak can put out a few gallons of water per minute.  When the water has been stopped, you need to make phone calls to PuroClean, a plumber and your insurance agent.

Hopefully these tips can prevent these issues in your home or business. But when disaster strikes, the team at PuroClean Certified Restoration is always just a phone call away.