Sump Pump Maintenance Mistakes – Flooded Basement Springfield MO

Sump Pump Maintenance Mistakes - Flooded Basement Springfield MO

Your sump pump can save your home from a costly flooding incident and keep your basement dry. The sump pump must be kept in great condition to keep your basement dry throughout the year. When you’re maintaining your sump pump, make sure you avoid these costly mistakes.

Installing it On Your Own

A DIY installation is not for everyone. If you’ve never installed a sump pump, hire a plumbing professional to avoid paying more in damages for faulty installation.

Not Installing Backup Power

If your home loses power, your basement does as well. This can mean your sump pump stops working and your basement is susceptible to flooding if it’s not connected to a battery backup system or a generator.

Forgetting to Test the Sump Pump

Testing the sump pump should be done twice a year, before spring and fall, so it remains in working condition. Test by pouring water in it until the switch is activated and watch to see how long it takes for the sump pump to empty.

Not Checking the Discharge Pipe

Regular inspection should be done to make sure drainage pipes point away from your home’s foundation and that they are tightly connected. Check for clogs or damage as well and seek help if you find any issues. Clogs or other issues could lead to flooding in your basement.

Not Preventing Debris Inside the Pump

If your sump pump is sitting on silt or gravel, it could become sucked into the pump, which can ruin the motor. Make sure it sits on a flat brick and has a filter around it to prevent debris from getting inside.

Obstructing the Float Switch

The float switch is what tells the sump pump motor to start and stop working. If there is not enough room around the float switch because of an obstruction, the pump is not going to work properly. This could cause your motor to burn up.

Leaving the Sump Pump Unplugged

If you’re doing maintenance on your sump pump, make sure it’s plugged back in when you’re done. It’s not going to turn on when it’s needed if it’s accidentally left unplugged. Check the plug after anyone works on it so it’s ready to go when needed.

Covering Up the Pump

Covering up the sump pump can damage it and can limit how accessible it is for maintenance. Whenever you’re storing items in your basement, make sure you leave room around your sump pump so it’s easily accessible.

Sump pump maintenance can help you guard your basement against flooding, but you do need to be careful to avoid these mistakes when you’re working on the sump pump. Twice a year, have a professional plumber inspect your sump pump to make sure it’s continuing to work properly. If you do ever experience water damage from a flooded basement in Springfield Missouri, call the professionals from PuroClean Certified Restoration for an estimate.