Spring Home Wellness Check - Water Restoration Springfield MO

Spring Home Wellness Check – Water Restoration Springfield MO

When Spring arrives you can always count on crazy weather rolling into the Ozarks with high winds, hail, lightning, and rain. Before it gets too far along, Spring is is a good time to spend some time examining your home to prevent property damage. The following Spring Wellness Check is a great tool to hit the major points:

  • Check your sump pump to ensure that it is operating properly. This can be done by a professional plumber for a full inspection. If you feel it is in good shape, use your hose to fill the basin with water and watch it turn on for a quick double check. A working sump pump can go a long ways to preventing damage that requires water restoration to return things back to normal.
  • Inspect your washing machine hoses for cracks and insure that they are still well secured.
  • Do a walk around the outside of your home and check for problems. Check downspouts and splash block alignment, look over gutters, check foundation for cracks or leaks, inspect your outside dryer exhaust for clogs or animal nests and check windows for problems.
  • Have a professional check your HVAC units before the cooling season begins. A little prevention on this system can save you a large repair bill later on.
  • Carefully expose the back of your refrigerator so that you can inspect the ice maker line and vacuum the coils. For excessive dust use a soft brush to remove the debris.
  • Put on some old clothes and gloves, grab a strong flashlight and inspect your crawl space. Watch again for cracks, pest signs and water marks. Also, look for mold and rot. Inspect your vapor barrier for holes and pulling away from the walls. PuroClean can remove any mold you might find and fix or install your vapor barrier.

Hopefully this Spring Home Wellness Check can prevent future disasters, but PuroClean Certified Restoration is available 24/7/365 to help you with any home disaster you might encounter. Flood, Fire, Smoke, Mold or Biohazard are all things that you should let professionals like PuroClean handle for you.