Prepare For Spring Storms To Prevent Water Damage in Springfield Missouri

Prepare For Spring Storms To Prevent Water Damage in Springfield Missouri

Prepare For Spring Storms To Prevent Water Damage in Springfield Missouri

Once Spring arrives that means spring storms start to happen more often. This can mean a disaster for your home as high winds and heavy thunderstorms can cause flooding and other issues. Be prepared for any severe storm that could happen by using the following tips to start getting ready now.

Before The Storm

Long before any thunderstorm hits, make sure you have a plan in place for what you might need to do. You should go over this plan with your family. Go ahead and create an emergency supply kit and keep this where it’s easy to get ahold of if needed. Learn how to turn off utilities and how to use a fire extinguisher just in case.

Make sure you have flood insurance so it will be in place before a storm happens. You’ll want to make an inventory of your belongings in case you ever need to file a claim and you’ll want to secure your important information and documents where they won’t be damaged.

If your home needs any repairs, have them done now. Drains and gutters should be cleaned to ensure they work properly. Make sure gutters are secured to your home, your shingles are in good shape, and your windows and doors are all waterproofed. Prune any dead branches from trees on your property.

During The Storm

Once you learn that a heavy thunderstorm is imminent, bring anything of high value from your yard inside that can easily be moved and make sure your vehicles are secured on higher ground. Make sure there is nothing outside that could become airborne with high winds.

Do not drive or walk through flood waters or moving waters. Flood waters are more powerful than they look and it takes much less than you realize to sweep you off your feet or to sweep your vehicle off the road. Make sure doors and windows are secured if you’re inside and stay away from windows.

If the storm and high winds are severe, take shelter in your basement until the storm has passed. Make sure you do not use utilities or wired electrical equipment during a lightning storm. You may want to turn off utilities to mitigate potential damages.

If you are not home, get to higher ground and avoid areas that may potentially flood. Keep track of the local weather and listen for any evacuation instructions so you will not be stuck in a flooded area.

After The Storm

Once the storm has passed, be careful with potential hazards. Check to make sure everyone is okay and see if there is any damage to your home. If your utilities are damaged, alert local authorities and do not turn them back on until you have official approval.

If your home has been flooded, avoid contact with the floodwater. Make lists of any damage items and take photos if you can. Make sure you file a flood insurance claim quickly and include your list of damaged items. You’ll want to hire a professional damage restoration company like PuroClean Certified Restoration to get your home back to normal quickly.

Spring storms won’t wait for you to get ready, so start planning now for what could happen if a severe storm impacts your home. Make sure you contact your PuroClean Certified Restoration if you need emergency flood repair or mold removal services from water damage in Springfield Missouri.