Mold Insurance Claims - Mold In House Springfield MO

Mold Insurance Claims – Mold In House Springfield MO

When working with customers removing the mold in their home, we often find that many people may not fully understand many of the issues they need to consider when dealing with mold insurance claims.

Many of them find out the hard way that having mold in their house has many costs associated with its presence. It is important to understand how most insurance policies deal with mold claims:

Read your policy carefully because coverage is very dependent on the cause of the mold in house damage.

If the mold is caused by a source of moisture that is related to deferred or neglected maintenance of the home or building, then it is unlikely to be covered. Items such as a leaky roof or a landscaping drainage issue are prime examples.

Flood damage is not covered by insurance policies, therefore if the mold starts growing following a flood, it will not be covered either.

If you have a Category 3 water loss then some insurance policies will cover the costs of removing mold damaged materials, but not other costs such as clearance and containment.

Disasters such as lightning, fire or burst pipes that lead to mold growth are generally covered by insurance policies.

It is important to read your policy carefully because many of them will limit or exclude mold damage coverage, even for covered disasters. Also watch for limited “exceptions” to the exclusions that can adversely affect your mold coverage.

Before you find out the hard way what is covered or not covered, ask your insurance agent at your yearly review what mold coverage you currently have.

Whether you find yourself with a mold issue that will or will not be covered by insurance, please give PuroClean Certified Restoration a call. Our professional restoration services are cost effective and could save you your health, money, time and headaches.