How to Dry Out Walls from Water Damage in Springfield Missouri

How to Dry Out Walls from Water Damage in Springfield Missouri

If you’re ever faced with an unexpected flood in your home, the key to limiting the water damage in Springfield Missouri is moving quickly.

Once the source of the water damage has been addressed, quickly remove everything from the walls including paintings, baseboards, moldings, and wallpaper. Open up any doors and windows to help quicken the drying process.

The professionals at PuroClean Certified Restoration use tools like dehumidifiers, infrared imaging devices, moisture meters, and fans. These tools to help the walls dry faster. Walls need to be completely dry before repairing, painting or refinishing them.

Tackle Minor Water Damage on Your Own

Dry out your walls immediately to reduce the risks of mold or structural damage. This should be done after a flood, burst pipe, or any other event that has caused water damage in your home. Contact a water damage mitigation specialist if you think the walls may be badly damaged. If you want to attempt drying your walls on your own, use the following steps.

Prepare Your Walls for Drying

Turn the water source off if the source of the water was a burst pipe. The pipe needs to be repaired before the walls can be dried, so this should be completed as fast as possible. Remove anything on the walls before beginning the drying process. This can help the water evaporate faster. Moisture can become trapped behind baseboards and molding, leading to structural damage or mold. Remove these and store in a safe and dry place to prevent damage.

Wallpaper seals the walls, which means the moisture will become trapped behind the wallpaper. Though it does take a while to remove all of the wallpaper, it needs to be done to make sure the moisture can be completely removed from the walls.
Your local hardware store should offer adhesive removal solutions for the wallpaper and a broad knife can help you scrape off the wallpaper to remove it once the adhesive is dissolved.

Leave the Walls to Dry

Open windows and doors to make the walls dry much faster. Fans can help move air around the walls and dehumidifiers can be useful to remove moisture from the air. Make sure you take as much time as possible before refinishing the walls as they can take a while to fully dry out. Use a moisture meter to be sure the walls are completely dry before you begin the refinishing.

Refinish Your Room When Ready

As soon as the walls are completely dry, go ahead and start refinishing the room. Make sure you check all items that were removed for any potential moisture or mold before reinstalling so you don’t install anything that’s going to damage the walls or cause mold to grow.

Don’t let the damage become worse by failing to dry the walls immediately. Contact a home restoration specialist if you want to make certain your walls dry quickly and completely. The water damage professional at PuroClean Certified Restoration have the tools, knowledge, and experience to help dry your walls fast. Specialists have tools like moisture meters, advanced air movers, dehumidifiers, and more to help dry the walls as quickly as possible.

If you ever experience water damage in your home, make sure you get professional help fast. Call PuroClean Certified Restoration in Springfield MO for an estimate.