How Expensive is Water Damage Repair in Springfield Missouri

How Expensive is Water Damage Repair in Springfield Missouri?

How Expensive is Water Damage Repair in Springfield Missouri?

When a home suffers water damage, owners worry about the cost of getting things back to normal. However, every situation is different, and there are no easy answers to questions about the cost of water damage restoration. While professional estimates are a useful tool, they only tell part of the story. Read on to learn how to determine the cost of a restoration job.

What’s Involved in Determining Cost?

The estimation process starts when the restoration company visits the property to assess the damage. The average cost for restoration of flood damage is around $2700. Small losses of clean water are typically closer to $1000, while floods with black water may cost over $5000. These costs don’t include reconstruction, reinstallation of flooring, or painting. They only cover drying the property and making it safe for inhabitants.

What Goes Into an Estimate?

These factors can affect the estimates for water damage repair:

  • The clean water category: “Clean” water contains little to no contamination. It typically comes from a leaking hose, pipe, or fixture, or from a window left open during a rainstorm. In these cases, restoration experts can usually salvage almost everything affected.
  • The gray water category: “Gray” water is slightly more contaminated, and it usually comes from broken appliances. Contamination carries some health consequences, but most things can be saved, except for carpet padding.
  • The black water category: As the name implies, “black” water is very contaminated and requires extraordinary care during handling. It often comes from sewers, but it can come from the ocean, streams, or rivers as well. Damaged materials cannot be saved.
  • The time elapsed before cleanup efforts begin: Clean or gray water losses will degrade eventually, depending on temperature and other factors. The longer water losses go before restoration begins, the greater the chance of mold growth, which brings additional issues and costs.
  • The affected area’s size: When determining the cost of water damage restoration, the square footage of the affected area is a crucial consideration.
  • The surfaces themselves: Costs depend partly on the materials damaged, such as furniture, wall coverings, and flooring. Losses on top floors often affect floors below.
  • The severity of the damage: The amount of water involved affects the cost of restoration.
  • The level and type of equipment needed: The extent of the damage determines which equipment is needed to restore the property.

Are Rates Similar Among Restoration Companies?

If water damage is covered by an insurance policy, the restoration company uses a standard system to determine pricing for similar jobs. However, if the loss isn’t covered, or if the property owner declines to file an insurance claim, the company may adjust prices to fit their needs, situation, and budget.

Determining the cost of water damage repair in Springfield Missouri is not an exact science, but we are here to help. Whether it’s a home or a commercial property, our water damage restoration specialists can get things back to the way they were before the loss occurred. Visit our website or call PuroClean Certified Restoration for a no-obligation estimate.