Flooded Basements Need Professional Water Restoration in Springfield Missouri

Flooded Basements Need Professional Water Restoration in Springfield Missouri

Flooded Basements Need Professional Water Restoration in Springfield Missouri

Flooding isn’t something most people deal with often. That’s why many homeowners are unsure how to contend with a flooded basement after a pipe bursts or local flooding occurs. Before attempting any DIY cleanup strategies, there are several things homeowners need to consider.

Shut Off the Power

Before attempting any water removal from the basement, shut off the power. In some cases, it may be possible to isolate circuits and only shut off the power for the basement area. However, many times basement fixtures and outlets are parts of circuits that also feed the main floor. Unless you’re absolutely sure every outlet and fixture can be shut off without shutting off the main breaker, disconnect all the electrical power to the home.

Removing the Water is the First Priority

To minimize water damage, all water must be removed as quickly as possible. In most instances, homeowners won’t have the necessary equipment to accomplish that goal. It pays to hire a company for professional water restoration in Springfield Missouri after significant basement flooding. Our water restoration experts have pumps and fans designed to quickly and effectively eliminate standing water and start the drying process.

Deciding What Can Be Restored

If the flooding is caused by clean water, many of the items in a typical basement can be salvaged and restored without too much difficulty. However, if gray or black water is present, most items will have to be removed and disposed of to protect the health of residents. If you’re unsure how badly the water is contaminated, we recommend letting our qualified restoration experts determine what, if anything, should be salvaged.

Be Proactive to Prevent Mold

Our flood restoration experts understand the necessary steps to minimize the potential for any type of mold developing. Since mold will gain a foothold within a few hours of the flooding, steps to mitigate any growth must be started quickly. While most people believe it’s only forms of black mold that can cause health issues, that’s not really true. Every type of mold has the potential to cause health issues if not properly dealt with.

If you’re currently experiencing a flooded basement, it’s crucial that the issue is dealt with quickly and efficiently. For immediate help, contact our flood cleanup and restoration experts now at PuroClean Certified Restoration.