Fire Safety - Family Fire Plan - Smoke and Fire Springfield MO

Fire Safety – Family Fire Plan – Smoke and Fire Springfield MO

Home fires are fast, terrifying events for children who have not been coached in the basics of how to act and what to do in case of a fire.  With planning and coaching, you can teach your kids the skills they need to escape the smoke and fire and exit their home safely. Here is a guide to help you create your own personalized Family Fire Plan and Drill.

Create the Plan

  1. Get a pad of paper and some colored pens.
  2. Gather the family at your kitchen table and together draw a 2-dimensional floor plan of your home.
  3. Use black for the walls, red for exterior doors and windows, and blue for interior and closet doors.
  4. Then on each room, use the green pen to draw green arrows that show the children two exits.

Continue to use the green pen to show everyone a safe place to meet when they have exited the house.

Coach the Family in Fire Basics

  1. “Stop, Drop and Roll”. Kids can remember this best by practicing it on a clear carpeted area in your home.
  2. Push the fire alarm so they know the sound it makes.
  3. Doors always need to be checked.

– Is there smoke coming from under the door?
– Is the door knob hot? Always check with the back of your hand.

If you answer NO to both of those questions, then open the door and exit the house.

If you answer YES to either question, then escape through the window.

If the window has fire outside of it as well, coach them to open the window, throw a pillow or something out of the window and then get on the ground in plain sight so that the firemen can find them to get them out.

Practice, Practice, Practice

  1. The day you make the fire plan, set time aside to practice it. Your goal should be everyone out in under 3 minutes.  Start the game by pressing the smoke alarm.
  2. Each child should take their first turn alone with everyone watching. Start simple and then add problems for them to solve.
  3. A week later do another practice session to see what they learned and to help them get it right.
  4. Then a month later tell everyone on a Friday or Saturday night that you are going to do a night fire drill. Don’t do this to late at night but try to let them get to sleep so they can know how it feels.

If you ever experience a fire, after it is put out, please call PuroClean so we can promptly and professionally begin the process of getting your life back to normal.