Defending Your Basement - Sewage Backup in Basement Springfield MO

Defending Your Basement – Sewage Backup in Basement Springfield MO

When water gets into your basement, it can be very destructive and disruptive to your life. There are many factors to consider when defending your basement to keep the water out, but following these three strategies can eliminate most of the hazards.

Defend from Ground Level:

  1. The first line of defense is to ensure that the ground slopes away from the home’s foundation. The top of the dirt should slope a minimum of 6 inches over the first ten feet in every direction.
  2. If your home is situated on land that receives large amounts of water, it might be necessary to bolster your defenses with a French drain. It is designed to divert large amounts of water away from your foundation.

Defend from Within:

  1. Inspect your basement for cracks and gaps, especially around plumbing pipes. Use polyurethane caulk or hydraulic cement from the hardware store to seal these gaps in your defense.
  2. Use concrete coatings and sealers to waterproof all the basement walls. This will also help with condensation problems.
  3. A sump pump is a critical piece of equipment that every basement home should have installed. It is designed to pump water out, which can protect you against flash floods or internal water leaks. If you have a pump, make sure it is inspected every year. There is nothing worse than having sewage backup in basement issues.

Defend from Above:

  1. Check for roof leaks and blocked gutters, which can allow water to pour directly into your basement. While checking, be sure to tighten any gutter straps or spout extensions that might have loosened during storms.
  2. Downspouts should be extended to move the water five feet away from the foundation. Homes with smaller lots should use an underground drain pipe system to move the water.

If these three defensive measures aren’t enough and you still experience a basement flood, please don’t make direct contact with the floodwater as it can be hazardous. Call PuroClean Certified Restoration so we can professionally remove the water safely and quickly.