Crawl Space Mold Prevention Tips - Mold Removal Springfield MO

Crawl Space Mold Prevention Tips – Mold Removal Springfield MO

Most homes in the Ozarks have crawl spaces and because of our high humidity they are prone to growing mold. Indoor exposure to mold can cause healthy people and children to experience upper respiratory tract symptoms and respiratory illness.

The CDC website says that some studies have linked early mold exposure to development of asthma in children. These serious health risks are why we should all take steps to keep our homes safe.

By following some simple strategies and with occasional checks we can keep crawl spaces mold free.

If you do find mold, please contact PuroClean so we can do a professional assessment of your problem and come up with the best mold removal solution for your situation.

Tips for Mold Prevention

1. Ventilation of the crawl space is very important. Use the ratio of every 150 square feet needs 1 square foot of ventilation.

2. All water should be directed away from your home. Check gutters, downspouts and yard slope for proper water removal.

3. Inspect your crawl space twice a year for foundation cracks, leaks from plumbing and appliances in your home above, and check any HVAC ducts located here. Take a powerful flashlight to best see everything.

4. If you don’t have a vapor barrier installed, you need to contact PuroClean to have one installed. If you have a vapor barrier, check it for splits or animal damage during your crawl space inspection.

5. Dryer vents should all be set up to discharge to the outside of your home. If they don’t, take steps to correct this.

6. If you see sagging insulation in your crawl space, that can indicate a water leak from above.

7. Keep crawl spaces free of any debris that holds moisture, such as old carpet, newspapers, or other such items.

By following these few tips, you should have a mold free crawlspace, which leads to a healthier home for you and your family.