Avoid Damage from Water and Fire in Springfield MO with Fall Maintenance

Avoid Damage from Water and Fire in Springfield MO with Fall Maintenance

When the leaves change and it starts to get chilly outside, homeowners across the country take out their winter clothing and turn on the heat for the first time. Despite all these preparations, though, fewer people focus on getting their homes ready for winter. In this guide, area homeowners will get a few fall maintenance tips for the home to avoid damage from water and fire.

Give the HVAC System a Tune-Up

Before turning on the heat in the fall, ask an expert to evaluate the heat pump and furnace. With a seasonal inspection, it’s easier to prevent dangerous carbon monoxide leaks and ensure that the system works at full efficiency.

Flip the Switch on Ceiling Fans

Because heat naturally rises, changing the direction on the home’s ceiling fans will help heat each room. This may allow a homeowner to turn the thermostat down slightly and save a bit of energy (and money).

Clean Out the Gutters

Although gutters should be cleaned year-round, it’s particularly important to do it before winter comes. Regular cleanings prevent water from leaking onto the home and causing water damage. When it gets below freezing outside, clean gutters prevent ice dams as well. Before that first cold snap, be sure that downspouts and gutters are in good condition.

Check the Roof

This part is dangerous enough that it should be left to a professional. Hire a roofing contractor to look for damaged, loose, and missing shingles before the first snowfall. It will help prevent leaks and minimize spring water damage.

Seal Doors, Windows, and Other Openings

Cold air and moisture may seep into the walls through tiny gaps around pipe entry points, door frames, and window openings. If the gap is wide enough to let light through, it can let moisture through and should be caulked up.

Turn Off Outside Faucets

The water in outside pipes may freeze and cause them to rupture as the ice expands. To prevent such severe damage, disconnect hoses and drain the water from outdoor pipes or replace outdoor fixtures with the freeze-resistant variety.

Drain the Sprinklers

Irrigation lines are equally likely to freeze, leading to ruptured pipes and sprinkler head damage. To adequately drain the lines, hire a sprinkler system expert to empty the pipes with safe, sanitary compressed air.

Mulch Fallen Leaves

Instead of spending hours raking fallen leaves, turn them into beneficial mulch. The compost created by mulching provides beneficial nourishment to the lawn. When storing lawn care equipment for the season, add some fuel stabilizer to the tank or empty it completely.

Check the Fireplace

To keep the fireplace in working order throughout the winter, check to see that the damper operates as it should. Verify that the flue is unblocked and check the firebox for missing or damaged mortar and bricks.

Call Puroclean for Winter Water and Fire Damage Restoration

During the fall and winter, heating safety is of primary importance. If a customer has followed all these tips and there’s still damage from water and fire in Springfield Missouri, they can count on the experts for help. Call PuroClean Certified Restoration for an estimate or visit our website for more details.